Fashion Recycling: These 2020 key pieces stay on the new year’s hit list
Fashion Recycling

Fashion Recycling: These 2020 key pieces stay on the new year’s hit list

2021 – although the year has only started, we sneak a peek at the stylish future: what’s hot, what’s not? We won't seek far afield because the new season knocking at our door doesn’t mean that everything new is the ultimate must-have of the time. Recycling is the new normal! We show you which tried-and-tested styles of the Jane Lushka 2020 range will still set trends in the new year. 

Fashion Recycling
Fashion Recycling
Fashion Recycling

The Hoodie-Abracadabra

A garment which saw a stellar ascent last year is the hooded sweater aka the hoodie. Because of the pandemic year’s special events, many of us had to stay home in 2020 and manage their lives from their own four walls. Loungewear helped us feel comfortable, and at the same time, we familiarized with fresh interpretations of casual elegance by trying new styling combinations. The hooded sweater stood out of the crowd: our favourite hoodie combined with jeans, worn with a dress or elegant pants… one garment, countless options on a mile-long style list. Thus, the hoodie has emancipated from the athleisure idea once for all. In 2021 the sweater’s fashion impact will be unbroken. Therefore, we recommend the hoodie of the current Jane Lushka collection with a bold metallic front print. We combine it with this year’s rising style star: the fake leather pants, like our stylish slim pant “Mila” as a perfect outfit partner. With this outfit, nothing can go wrong in 2021.

The power of flowers!

Flowers are always a good idea, and floral patterns too. In 2021, no wardrobe can do without. The pattern evergreen continues its triumph by counting on bold and vibrant colour combinations. They are sort of textile mood elevators that help us getting better through the winter blues. You should opt for striking florals since millefleurs and scattered flower designs are not on the pattern top list this year. The flower shape can be organic, natural or arty, as long as it is eye-catching. We also trust in the power of flowers, with the blazer "Priscilla" and the pants "Pia", the main actors of our floral suit combo. To not disturb the pattern's impact, we recommend wearing a simple top underneath the blazer. We combine the bloom with the white t-shirt with our minimal Jane Lushka logo.

Fashion Recycling

Ribbed Elegance

Ribbed knits also enjoyed strong popularity last year. No surprise because all styles made from this comfy material such as turtlenecks, dresses, pants and even underwear hug the body and feel cosy on the skin. Another advantage: ribbed knit garments combine well-being with this touch of elegance. Whether as a comfy outfit or home office uniform: we are rib lovers, and we will keep on indulging in the simple, yet strong effect of the iconic knitting pattern. At Jane Lushka, we embrace the power of ribbed elegance with our knitted dress in the fashionable midi length and a side slit allowing for more room to move. One dress, many options, the styling is in your hands: clean with simple sneakers, country-style-like with trekking boots, or comfy at home with cosy socks. And with just a few simple touches – by adding elegant jewellery or stylish ankle boots, for example – you can create a strong outfit for formal occasions too.

It’s my business

The past year has also shown that business outfits can be more casual. Without a doubt, we take this mindset to the new year. Fresh interpretations provide traditional tailoring details with a touch of nonchalance. Silhouettes come looser and more comfortable. Mixing different styles is “bon ton”, thus the blazer may be worn with jeans, elegant jog pants or even leggings.

We have been inspired by this new leitmotif and combine the blazer “Atina” with the slim fit pants “Anna”. The waisted blazer comes in a timeless check pattern staying a top trend this year. The pants made of premium stretch fabric are perfect for the home office and at office meetings also – comfortable, yet elegant is the formula. A simple t-shirt from the current Jane Lushka range completes the power outfit. You could also combine it with a top in lace or ribbed knit. 

Sporty-elegant: How to style jumpsuits

by janelushka-en

There’s only one black: black is black! During the cold and dark season, you need to show your obscure side sometimes. Jane Lushka’s jumpsuit “Easy Wear Diana” comes in dark shades from grey to black, of course. Solid lace-up boots fit perfect and wearing them over the legs looks pretty cool. The black “Donna” jacket is the icing on the cake and the soundtrack by Billie Eilish.

Flattering Fashion Friends – Skirts from pencil to A-line

by janelushka-en
Pencil Skir

You are curvy and want to accentuate your curves? Then, the asymmetric skirt “Silviya” is perfect for you: it sits on the waist, tapers off in the front and is slit to the knee. Your legs will look long and slim – especially if you pair it with high heels or pointed ankle boots. Thanks to its sophisticated A-line, “Silviya” provides each of your steps spark and lightness. You have plenty of room to move while looking pretty elegant – with an effortless, French touch.

Fashionable love affair: our rose looks for spring fever to go

by janelushka-en

Rose is reserved for young girls and makes them look prissy. Whoever believes in this old wives’ tale is barking up the wrong tree. The colour carries a power inside that can be expressed with the right styling. Therefore, you should never be too shy when wearing pastel shades – they love bold yet stylish combinations highlighting your personality. This means in other words that you should opt for contrasting outfit combos. You need a hand? How about the powerful combination of “Praga”, the blazer in a soft blush shade and leopard print and “Anna”, the slim fit made of high-end techno fabric? Contemporary, elegant and appealing – your trend colour outfit is ready to go in the twinkling of an eye. By combining “Lora”, the shirt with high collar and ruffled detail, you achieve an elegant look while the t-shirt with the metallic print adds a casual touch.

Function meets Fashion – How to style layering looks

by janelushka-en

In terms of layering, we often forget an important aspect because it seems a bit demanding. But fashion pros love it: playing with different fabrics and materials. It is pretty easy when you begin to play with a simple basic, like black pants, for example, whether in a shiny or casual material or in denim. In combination with a sporty hoodie, the “Grace V-Neck” top turns into pure understatement despite its lurex shimmer. Just make sure that “Grace V-Neck” peeps out at the cuffs for example. Or wear the hoodie like a scarf. But that’s not all: by topping it off with a blazer, you achieve the perfect mix of business chic, glamour and street style in one outfit.

Netflix style inspirations – a new wardrobe inspired by these TV series and movies

by janelushka-en
style inspiration

Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler – in the nineties, the US American sitcom and its loveable yet chaotic protagonists provoked a big hype. Not only the fun plots around the friend and love life of a New York clique proved a recipe for high viewing figures. The different characters, reflecting that generation’s sense of life in a humorous yet genuine way, reached cult status in no time. Fans could identify with their darlings to a point, that the looks of the series got copied – think of Jennifer Aniston’s iconic Rachel cut, being worn by female fans all around the globe at that time.

Be bold – chunky boots love these looks

by janelushka-en
Chunky Boots

Well-being is the lifestyle of the moment. Many of us spend much time at home these days, opting for cosy outfits that suit both the life in our four walls and outdoor activities like winter walks. Always on our feet: chunky boots being our permanent companion in many ways and looks. The mix of combat and Chelsea boot is popular because despite their particular look these boots work perfectly with the casual wear being on trend this season: we want our footwear robust and functional and yet fashionable. Therefore, the trendy footwear works perfectly with our outfit that consists of the stylish cable knit sweater “Lizi”, “Ana”, the slim pants in trendy animal print and the elegant frill blouse “Lora”. While the textile styling partners focus on brown shades, you could definitely opt for contrasting colours such as white or red for the boots.

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